On this page, you will find a collection of reports that I’ve put together to address some of the most important issues facing our riding. These reports take an in-depth look at our government’s policies both at a national and local level, and in the case of my report on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX), present our community’s perspective on a pressing national issue. Hard copies of all reports are available upon request. In the first section you can also find copies of some recent articles written about my position and work on TMX.

Our Government’s Work on Climate Change and the Environment

A report on our government’s strategy to fight climate change by taking a collaborative approach to reduce GHG emissions and focus heavily on sustainable economic growth.

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Fact Sheet: How We Are Supporting Small Businesses

Information on programs and changes our government is introducing to help Canadian small businesses succeed. This document also clarifies the recent changes on tax fairness, and has feedback from experts on the changes.

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Our Government’s Work To Strengthen The Economy

A report outlining the steps that our government has taken to achieve economic growth that is good for Canadian families.

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50 Of Our GovernmentsMost Impactful Investments

A report outlining the steps our government has taken to achieve economic growth that is good for Canadian families.

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The National Housing Strategy in Burnaby and North Vancouver

A report outlining how the National Housing Strategy will benefit Burnaby North – Seymour.

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How our Government is Supporting Seniors

A safe and secure retirement is something Canadians deserve.
Here in BC, the fastest growing segment of our population is people over 65. It’s our government’s focus to ensure that when it comes time for Canadians to retire, they have the resources and supports they need.

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Presentation to the TMX Ministerial Review Panel

My report on the Trans Mountain Expansion that was presented in the official consultation. This report was based on in-depth research and thousands of conversations in our community.

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