Lynn Creek Bridge Improvements

Finding Solutions for Traffic on the North Shore

One of the most common issues I discuss at the doorstep is traffic congestion on the North Shore. I understand that being stuck in traffic on the way to and from work or school is not only frustrating, it eats up time that we’d all rather be spending with our families. The current state of traffic is unacceptable, and we’re committed to improving it. The Highway 1 Lower Lynn Improvements are the first step to alleviate traffic congestion.

These major improvements were only possible because all three levels of government came together to make them happen. It is such an encouraging outcome because it shows that our focus on working together is translating into results for our communities.

When you elected me as your MP, I made it my mission to work positively and collaboratively with other levels of government. This project is a real example of positive politics in action.

On top of infrastructure development, we are also tackling congestion by placing a huge focus on public transit improvements. This is reflected by our recent $20.1 Billion investment in urban public transit networks and service extensions. We are already seeing positive impacts in our community. There have been increases in bus service, handyDART service, and SeaBus service; all with a focus on transforming the way we live and work, and increasing our time with family. We know traffic congestion on the North Shore requires a viable long-term solution. I am committed to working with my colleagues at every level of government to make sure we pursue every opportunity to make this happen.

What we are doing:

$198 Million investment in Highway 1 Lower Lynn Improvements, including:

  • The Mountain Highway Interchange
  • The Keith Road/Seymour Parkway Interchange
  • The Main Street/Dollarton Highway Interchange
  • The Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project

$2.6 Billion investment in Metro Vancouver Public Transit Upgrades